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May 24, 2017

Why A First Look

It’s a popular question: should we opt for a first look? It’s definitely the new trend, and a lot of couples are apprehensive. Do I really want to break tradition? Will he still have the same reaction when I walk down the aisle? Surprisingly, it’s often the groom that is most passionate about this subject. And I get it! We all grow up dreaming of that big moment, and we hesitate to imagine anything different. So today I thought I would breakdown the benefits of a first look:

1) It’s More Intimate

It’s a lot easier to have a genuine response without the pressure of one hundred of your closest friends and family carefully watching your reaction. A first look gives you the opportunity to say “wow, you look amazing” or go in for the kiss or hug- all natural things you may want to do but wouldn’t at the end of the aisle!

2) Shake Off The Nerves

You may not realize it now, but wedding days come with a lot of adrenaline! No matter how ready or excited you are to be getting married, a wedding brings on some inevitable nerves. There is a lot of build up to the first moment you see one another, so a first look is a great way to still have that moment, but also let the love of your life calm your nerves and remember why you’re wearing that pretty dress in the first place. There’s no doubt that you will feel more relaxed and confident after sharing a quick moment alone.

3) Spend More Time Together

When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy that a lot of couples don’t even see each other until the evening of their very own wedding day! After spending so many months planning and anticipating your big day, don’t you think you’ll want to spend the day together? After all, this day is about the two of you!

4) A More Flexible Timeline

The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is rushed. By opting for a first look you free up a lot more wiggle room in your timeline! Trying to fit in family portraits, bridal party portraits, and bride/groom portraits during the cocktail hour can be a lot, and you really don’t get a chance to enjoy this time with your guests. By taking care of bridal party portraits and the majority of bride/groom portraits before the ceremony, you are far more likely to make it to your own cocktail hour and are less bound to your timeline.

I understand that not everyone will opt for a first look, but I think these points make a strong argument! I also promise that nothing will take away from that moment you walk down the aisle- whether you’ve already seen each other or not, that’s still a hallmark memory in your life and a first look doesn’t detract from that. In fact, it just gives you two of those moments! If you don’t believe me, take it from my husband:

“The first look helped to take the nerves off and allowed for an intimate one-on-one moment on a day where ironically there are few one-on-one moments. It really helped to put the emphasis on our relationship over the event of our wedding.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Again, this your decision, but as someone who has been to a lot of weddings, I feel confident in my preference. But don’t worry- this is not something to stress over! We can always discuss this at more detail as we start to pull together your timeline. Just some food for thought 🙂

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