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March 6, 2018

The Wedding Veil Debate

I feel qualified to write on this subject because I have first hand experience with the wedding veil debate. In my case, my mom really encouraged me to wear a veil as she believes it is part of the bridal experience. I, on the other hand, wasn’t as convinced and had dreams of wearing a flower crown or something less traditional. And while I really believe that your wedding day should be whatever you want it to be, I think there’s a misconception that you only have two choices: a veil, or no veil. So I’m here to make a case for the compromise.

Should I Wear a Veil

Ceremony Veil

Who says you have to wear the veil all day? If you’re on the fence, my best advice is to put your veil on right before the ceremony. I’ve found that most brides don’t necessarily want to be wearing their veil in every single portrait, so if you’re doing a first look (here’s why you should) then you’ll have no veil in your pre-ceremony photos. As a bonus, this also adds something a little special to your walk down the aisle because the groom hasn’t seen you in your veil yet! It also helps protect the veil from getting damaged before the ceremony.

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Flowers In Your Hair

Just because you’ve decided you want to wear a veil does not mean you can’t incorporate flowers into your hairstyle as well! One really popular option is to wear a flower comb just above your veil (I actually did this myself)! Another great option is to remove the veil for your reception and put on a flower crown for a more casual look. This gives you two totally different styles on your wedding way, which is a fun idea for the indecisive bride!

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The bottom line is that you have permission to get creative! There is no one way to wear a veil, so don’t feel constrained by limited options. Wear one, don’t wear one, add flowers, wear it for part of the day…if you are at all interested in the idea of a veil, let’s talk and find a way to make it happen. This is your one opportunity and it’s important to me that you have the wedding of your dreams!


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