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July 24, 2016

Sophie’s Senior Photos

I have a confession: I am not normally much of a city girl. I tend to prefer open spaces and back roads, but Sophie knew that she wanted an urban vibe for her senior photos, and after the way these turned out, I’m so glad she did. We set out for downtown Detroit with no real destination in mind, and stumbled across some of the coolest backdrops for this session. Not to mention that dreamy golden hour light that had me in photography heaven. And you guys. The sunset. I literally pulled over the car on the way home to try and catch the last bit of light, and Sophie rolled with it like the natural she is. So worth it!

Thanks for exploring with me, Sophie! I wish you the best of luck as you head into your senior year- enjoy it, it goes fast!

DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0005DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0006DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0002DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0007DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0008DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0009DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0010DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0022 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0011 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0012 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0013 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0014 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0015 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0016 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0017 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0018 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0019 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0020 DowntownDetroitSeniorPictures_0021

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