August 11, 2016

Kirsten & James

It’s always so sweet to see a bride’s home team rally around her on her big day. Something always doesn’t go as planned on a wedding day, and when Kirsten’s dress (and parents) were caught in traffic on the way to the venue, the bridesmaids all stepped in to maintain a joyful, laid back atmosphere in the bridal suite. I know that wedding days are ultimately about the bride and groom, but I have to say, as a photographer who gets to witness all of the behind-the-scenes during the morning, weddings are also a celebration of best friendship. The people who are in your life through thick and thin and have earned the honor of standing next to you as you make lifelong vows to the one you love.

Kirsten & James, I love watching the way you two care for one another. Whether it’s taking a seat during the ceremony or carrying Kirsten’s dress as we walked around, it’s clear that you put one another first in all that you do. Thank you so much for allowing me a little glimpse into your love and your friendships, it was an honor! Congratulations!

lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0004.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0005.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0006.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0008.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0009.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0010.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0012.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0014.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0011.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0015.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0013.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0017.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0018.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0003.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0023.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0025.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0024.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0027.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0028.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0026.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0029.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0031.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0032.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0033.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0043.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0036.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0044.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0045.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0001.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0002.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0034.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0037.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0042.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0038.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0040.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0041.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0047.jpg lake_wedding_ohio_navy_outdoor_0039.jpg

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