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December 1, 2016

Girl Meets Party

Alright ladies, I’m of the belief that when we stumble across a game-changer it’s our obligation to share with friends. That’s like girl-code or something, right? Well I’ve recently been turned onto Girl Meets Party, or as I like to call it, the millennial bride’s new best friend. If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of a wedding planner, but maybe can’t justify the cost. After all, the whole point is to save money, isn’t it?

Enter Girl Meets Party. Think of it as Tinder for wedding planning, but even more personalized. Simply choose a category you want help with (flowers, photography, caterer, etc.) and submit a little info about your budget, style, and timing. Here comes the magical part- the lovely ladies behind GMP will hand-pick and return three matches perfectly aligned to your preferences. From there you can take up to two weeks to meet your matches and find true vendor love! If you ask me, it’s nothing short of genius. I can testify first hand that wedding planning is MADNESS! The whole industry can be incredibly overwhelming, but I fully believe that engagement should be full of joy and anticipation, not stress.


The bride in me is all about this idea, and so is the photographer. Let me just say that there is nothing more fun than getting an inquiry from a bride who sounds like a long lost best friend. Ya know, those people who just get you and vice versa? Well Girl Meets Party helps make those connections happen. For me, it’s couples who are more excited for the vows than the cake. Couples who are passionate about marriage and believe in the beauty of choosing love day in and day out- bonus points for an intimate or backyard wedding. But the internet is a big place, and if that’s you, sometimes it can be hard for us to find each other.

So here is my not-so-subtle plug: take the guess work out of wedding planning and use Girl Meets Party to find vendors in line with your perfect vision, even if it’s just for a couple of the pieces you care about most. I wouldn’t promote this if I didn’t really believe in the work they’re doing, and honestly, you’ll be happier with the details of your wedding day if you take the time to make sure you’re a good match with your vendors. I’m talking better food, flowers, photos, etc. because they will all be complimentary to your taste- and theirs! It’s a win-win, friend.


Don’t get me wrong, there is still a place for the full-fledged wedding planner. If you have the budget and want the extra support, it’s always nice to have a little more help. However, if you’re like me and want to be your own wedding planner, Girl Meets Party is the perfect hybrid to jumpstart the process. I’d hate for anyone to miss their vendor soulmate just because they never found each other!

It’s okay to ask for help, friends 🙂 Especially if it means we get to meet!


  1. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for the amazing write up!! We’re so lucky to have you as one of our fabulous friends & vendors!!

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