November 15, 2018

Backyard Indiana Wedding

It’s pretty rare that I meet a bride and groom on their wedding day, but this was one of those instances, and yet it felt like I had known Liz & Jake for much longer. From the moment I arrived at Liz’s family home, I felt so welcomed into their lives and this special day.  It’s clear that these two are so loved by their community simply by the number of people that were involved in bringing their day to life. A backyard wedding is no small undertaking, but I couldn’t imagine a more meaningful way to celebrate such a sweet love! Ashley Weddings helped transform their space into a wedding wonderland, and Pomp & Bloom provided the most jaw-dropping flowers. From the live music under the setting sun to the lantern send-off at night, the whole day was a dream. I couldn’t be happier for the new Mr. & Mrs.!

Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0001Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0002Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0003Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0004Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0005Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0006Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0007Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0008Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0009Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0010Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0011Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0012Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0013Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0014Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0015Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0017Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0018Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0019Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0021Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0024Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0023Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0022Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0016Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0030 Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0031 Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0032 Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0033Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0027Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0028 Indiana_Backyard_Wedding_0029

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