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September 29, 2016

Audrey Louise

It is my privilege to introduce you to my newest friend, the beautiful Audrey Louise! Can you believe that she is only ten days old in these photos?! I wish I could spend every Wednesday snuggling newborns and taking photos at the park in the morning. I’m not sure there is anything that gives you as much perspective or peace as holding a little one in your arms, especially one THIS little.

I met Audrey’s sweet momma, Brittany, through Young Lives, a branch of Young Life that I am really passionate about. When I met Audrey at Club last week, I knew we had to a newborn session so Brittany could forever remember her adorable newborn face and yawns. I mean, can we talk about the yawns for a minute? Gushing over here. Anyway, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

World, meet Audrey Louise.



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